Material of Skin-friendly and Elastic Films: How Soft Modified TPU Particles Enable Film Comfort& Aesthetic Appeal?


Is your TPU film easy to oil, stickiness, inadequate softness, or dull colors after aging? Here's the solution you need!

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is renowned for its versatility and excellent performance, with TPU films playing a crucial role in various industries like footwear, apparel, medical products, and interior soft packaging. As global environmental awareness grows and demands in TPU film manufacturing evolve with emerging applications, professionals in the field are raising their material standards to meet these dynamic industry needs.

Typically, TPU manufacturers may adjust the TPU's soft segment ratio or increase plasticizer proportions to enhance its softness for specific applications. However, this can escalate costs or compromise TPU's mechanical properties, risking stickiness and precipitation. As the TPU film sector expands, achieving outstanding soft touch, non-oiling, ease of processing, and more has become crucial for enhancing user experience and product quality. Relying solely on traditional methods may no longer suffice, necessitating the search for a high-performance material to replace conventional TPU.

SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles drive innovation, helping your film products achieve ideal softness, color saturation, durability, matte surface finish, and prevention of exudation effects. Prepare for a brighter, more elastic future for the TPU film industry with SILIKE's revolutionary Soft TPU Modifier!


Why SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles are a viable alternative to TPU in the film sector:


Softer, More Resilient: SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles have a hardness as low as Shore 60A, providing excellent rebound resilience and wear resistance. Compared to TPU films with similar hardness, SILIKE's modifier is softer, more resilient, and without the risk of exudation.

Ideal for applications requiring lower film hardness, such as clothing, leather, automotive door panels, and more.

Lasting Soft Skin Feel: SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier imparts a unique, long-lasting soft skin feel to film products. Employing the calendaring process, it achieves this without the need for additional coating steps, offering enduring softness.

This makes it particularly suitable for film applications where prolonged human contact and higher touch requirements are essential, such as engraved films, swimwear, apparel, and sports shooting gloves.

Matte Finish Effect: In specific applications where a high-end matte finish is sought, traditional TPU films often require additional processing steps or roller applications, adding both processing steps and costs.

SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles deliver the original matte finish effect without the need for additional treatments. This makes it a reliable choice for high-end applications in film, including premium clothing packaging, automotive interior soft packaging, and indoor soft packaging, ensuring the effect remains unchanged over time and environmental variations.

Safe, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic: Whether in direct contact with the human body, medical and healthcare applications, or considering environmental impact, safety, eco-friendliness, and non-toxicity are paramount. SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles are produced using solvent-free technology, devoid of plasticizers or softening oils, and free from DMF, ensuring 100% non-toxicity, odorlessness, low carbon environmental friendliness, and recyclability. This makes it a manufacturer's ideal choice, aligning with green economic circularity.

Enhanced Color Design Freedom: Beyond the advantages in touch and practicality, SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles provide greater color selection for films, resulting in more vibrant and saturated colors. This offers designers unlimited creative freedom, opening doors for SILIKE to become a sustainable alternative to traditional TPU in the film sector.

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While TPU has been widely applied across various industries due to its versatility, SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles introduce a new perspective to the film industry and beyond. Especially in scenarios where high requirements for soft elasticity, durability, persistent soft skin feel, matte finish effects, and more are essential, SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles, with their unique combination of properties, emerge as a strong competitor to traditional TPU.

As SILIKE continues to advance in material science research and development, the role of SILIKE's Soft TPU Modifier particles in replacing traditional TPU is poised to expand further, providing manufacturers with more choices to optimize products to meet specific needs.

Post time: Jan-10-2024