Emerging Haptic Technologies Necessary for Widescale Adoption of AR/VR Devices

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As described by Facebook, Metaverse would be a unification of physical and virtual realities enabling peer-to-peer, lifelike interaction in digital work environments. Collaborations would imitate real-world experiences where AR and VR elements would combine to allow users to experience palpable conditions unbounded by the laws of physics (perhaps). Be it traveling, frolicking, working, or running you could theoretically do it all on the metaverse.

Besides, AR and VR technologies will be increasingly used in gaming, employee training, healthcare, education, and entertainment industries.


In their current form, We've seen numerous players come into this market with the hopes to navigate it toward mainstream adoption. Some have experienced little success, while others have fallen flat. Why is this? Such as, most people don’t enjoy prolonged experiences inside virtual worlds, AR and VR Headsets are not designed to deliver fully immersive experiences, given their limited field of view, poor display quality, and lacking acoustics, and the current design of wearable headsets doesn't allow for comfortable, prolonged usage issues.


Therefore, how reshaping the AR/VR Metaverse world?

AR/VR Wearables and handle grip need to account for all our human differences in shape, size, and dimension. To engage users, devices should enable customization in size, color, appearance, and touch materials for ultimate comfort. For AR/VR Designers tasked to come up with innovative ideas have to keep track of what is trending, sustainable development where the creative opportunities are.

SILIKE focuses on the R&D of new materials for Haptics that Enhance the AR and VR product experiences users get while wearing and handling.


Since Si-TPV is lightweight, long term extremely silky, skin-safe, stain-resistant, and eco-friendly materials. Si-TPV will greatly enhance the aesthetic, and comfortable feel. Combining tough durability, and soft touch with resistance to sweat and sebum for headsets, headband fixed belts, nose pads, ear frames, earbuds, buttons, handles, grips, masks, earphone covers, and data lines. as well as, design freedom and excellent bonding to polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS, TPU, and similar polar substrates, without adhesives, colorability, over-molding capability, no odors to enable unique over-molding enclosures, and so on...

Emerging Haptic Technologies Necessary for Widescale Adoption of ARVR Devices
Therefore, how reshaping the ARVR Metaverse world
Therefore, how reshaping the ARVR Metaverse worl3
Emerging Haptic Technologies Necessary for Widescale Adoption of ARVR Devices

The extremely Soft-touch comfort of Si-TPV does not require additional processing or coating steps. unlike traditional plastics, elastomers, and materials, they can be recycled and reused in your manufacturing processes, energy conservation, and pollution reduction!

Let's drive green, low-carbon, and intelligent for AR&VR metaverse development!

Post time: May-06-2023