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Si-TPV Leather Products

Si-TPV silicone vegan leather products are made from dynamic vulcanized thermoplastic silicone-based elastomers.

Our Si-TPV silicone vegan leather can be laminated with an ambitious of substrates using high memory area, or other adhesives. Other kinds of synthetic leather, by contrast, Si-TPV silicone vegan leather not only integrates the advantages of traditional leather in terms of sight, smell, touch, and green fashion but also by providing various OEM &ODM options, giving designers unlimited design freedom.


The Key benefits of Si-TPV silicone vegan leather, offer a long-term skin-friendly soft touch, and an aesthetic sense of sight in terms of stain resistance, cleanliness, durability, color personalization, and design freedom. No DMF and plasticizer usage, odorless, as well as better wear and scratch resistance, heat and cold resistance, UV resistance, and hydrolysis resistance that effectively prevents leather aging to ensure non-tacky comfortable touch even in heat and cold environments.

Application Area

Si-TPV silicone vegan leather products are widely used in all seating, sofa, furniture, clothing, purse, handbag,  belts, and shoe applications,  with specialized sectors in automotive, marine, 3C electronic products,  apparel, accessories, footwear,  sports gear, upholstery& decorative, public seating system hospitality, healthcare,  medical furniture, office furniture, residential furniture, outdoor recreation, toys, consumer products where there is a stringent demand for high-quality specifications and material selection, that can meet the eco-friendly requirements of end customers.

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