Technology Innovation for Si-TPV

Si-TPV series product

Si-TPV series products are launched dynamic vulcanizate thermoplastic Silicone-based elastomers by SILIKE,

Si-TPV solves the problem of incompatibility between thermoplastic resin and silicone rubber through special compatibility technology and dynamic vulcanization technology and uniformly disperses fully vulcanized silicone rubber with 1-3um particles in the thermoplastic resin, a special sea-island structure is formed, the thermoplastic resin is used as the continuous phase, and the silicone rubber is used as the dispersed phase.  

What’s Si-TPV2
What’s Si-TPV
What are swim & dive water sports products made of (6)
What are swim & dive water sports products made of (4)

Si-TPV combination of properties and benefits of both the strength, toughness, and abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic elastomer with the desirable properties of fully cross-linked silicone rubber: softness, silky feel, resistance to UV light and chemicals, and outstanding colorability, but unlike traditional thermoplastic vulcanizates, they can be recycled and reused in your manufacturing processes. 

Our Si-TPV features the following properties

 Long-term silky skin-friendly touch, does not require additional processing or coating steps;

 Reduce dust adsorption, non-tacky feel that resists dirt, no plasticizer and softening oil, no precipitation, odorless;

≫ Freedom custom colored and deliver long-lasting colorfastness, even with exposure to sweat, oil, UV light, and abrasion;

Self-adhered to hard plastics to enable unique over-molding options, easy bonding to polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS, TPU, PA6, and similar polar substrates, without adhesives, over-molding capability;

 Can be manufactured using standard thermoplastic manufacturing processes, by injection molding/extrusion. Suitable for co-extrusion or two-color injection molding. Precisely matched to your specification and are available with matte or gloss finishes;

 Secondary processing can carve all kinds of patterns, and do screen printing, pad printing, spray painting.

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All Si-TPV elastomers provide unique green, safety friendly soft hand touch feeling in hardness ranging from Shore A 25 to 90, good resilience, and softer than general thermoplastic elastomers, making them the ideal eco-friendly material to enhance stain resistance, comfort, and fit of 3C electronics, wearable devices, sports gear, mother baby products, adult products, toys, apparel, accessories cases, and footwear, and other consumer products.

In addition, Si-TPV as a modifier for TPE and TPU, which could be added to TPE and TPU compounds to improve the smoothness and touch feeling, and reduce the hardness with no negative effect on mechanical properties, aging resistance, yellow resistance, and stain resistance.