Social Responsibility

Demonstrates a social conscience covers these main aspects

We care for our people

While paying attention to the growth of employees, we provide strong guarantee for all aspects of employees' life. The company adheres to the way of combining routine care measures and characteristic activities to implement staff care, through carrying out various activities such as team building, caring for their work life. Every Women's Day, employees' marriage, childbirth and illness, give blessings or condolences.


Actively participated in various of social public service

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we cooperated with local communities to part of our factory, set up nucleic acid testing sites, and organized employees to be epidemic prevention volunteers, so as to contribute to the prevention and control of COVID and the construction of a harmonious community.

Actively participated in various of social public service (2)
Actively participated in various of social public service (1)

Cherish the present and create the future, Carry out voluntary tree-planting activities

Respect for life, reverence for nature!


Collaborating with government, customers and suppliers

Our goal is to construct a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer, vegan leather, film& fabric, and silicone additives value chain that is socially and environmentally sustainable...

Collaboration across the value chain is crucial! We actively engage with stakeholder groups and industry organizations' exhibitions and forums and summits, to Share products, knowledge, technologies, and solutions for policies, and advance strategic partnerships. Let us work together to build a brighter future!