Social Responsibility

Work together and create a better life

People are the most important pillar of our sustainability strategy.

We always adhere to the"People-oriented" principle, while developing the company to increase the development and use of human resources, increase the introduction of core personnel, reserves, and training, provide opportunities and platforms for employees to grow, provide a good competitive environment for employees to grow, to promote the common growth of employees and the company.


As a leading talent of the Tianfu Million People Plan in Sichuan Province, he has taken practical actions to promote the spirit of scientific research craftsmen in the new era. And let Chengdu Silike Technology Co., Ltd all the way forward.

---- “Innovation Silicone, Empowering new value”

Our company focus on the eco-friendly chemical materials industry, are committed to creating a better living environment for human beings, and contribute our professional technology and quality service.

We adhere to the principle of meeting the expectations and demands of stakeholders, attach importance to the harmonious development of enterprises and related parties such as employees, society, government, customers and suppliers, and better fulfill corporate social responsibility.

A Safe Sustainable Soft Alternative Material for Toys
A Safe Sustainable Soft Alternative Material for Toys (3)
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