Social Responsibility

Chengdu Silike Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our direction of effort, we value social responsibility, and always stay on the path of innovative. We continuously design and create solutions through product change, green development, and people-oriented efforts in these three aspects, providing a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity and society.

Green development, Protects health and safety

Work footprint of sustainable

An environmental protection chemistry material solution to promote an earth-friendly world

We develop, substitute, upgrade, and transform our products based on the structural performance and user requirements of the materials.

Solution 1: Silicone Vegan leather helps the green revolution of the fashion industry

Using low surface tension of this silicone vegan leather provides resistance to stains and hydrolysis, saving on cleaning, that do not contain animal-derived materials, advanced solvent-free technology No toxic by-products, and no harm to air or water.


Solution 2: recyclable Si-TPV, reduces CO₂ impact

Recyclable Si-TPV decreases our dependence on virgin petroleum without sacrificing durability or weather-resistant performance and does not contain plasticizer and softening oil, helping your product efforts toward a more circular economy.

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