What are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly?

what are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly (2)
what are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly (1)
what are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly (3)

PVC leather

PVC leather, sometimes simply called Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride artificial leather, is made out of fabric leather backing, topped with a foam layer, skin layer, and then a PVC plastic-based surface coating with additives plasticizer, stabilizer, etc. The main features are easy to process, wear-resistant, anti-aging, cheap, poor air permeability, low-temperature hardening brittle, high temperature sticky, a large number of plasticizers harm the human body and pollution and serious smell, so they are gradually abandoned by people.


PU Leather

PU Leather also known as polyurethane synthetic leather, is coated with PU resin in fabric processing. PU leather consists of a split leather backing, topped with a Polyurethane coating that gives the fabric a finish similar to natural leather. The main features are comfortable hand,  mechanical strength, color, a wide range of applications, and wear-resistant, since PU leather has more pores on its surface, this gives PU leather the risk of absorbing stains and other unwanted particles. , In addition, PU leather is almost non-breathable, easy to be hydrolyzed, easy to delaminated package, has high and low temperatures easy to crack surfaces, and the production process pollution of the environment.

Furthermore, Si-TPV silicone vegan leather also has a softer feel than other types of tanned hides and tends to age better over time without losing its color or shape.  In addition,  Si-TPV leather possesses the most superior stain resistance. </br>

 Si-TPV silicone vegan leather's wide range of colors, designs, and different surface textures adds an aesthetic appeal, and relaxed finish to your marine upholstery,  Empowering new value for exceptional marine upholstery solutions. </br>

Si-TPV offers many advantages over traditional leather. Si-TPV silicone vegan leather is incredibly durable and resistant to wear, hydrolysis, and UV rays, water-repellent, and withstands the harsh conditions of the ocean.  these unique properties ensure lasting comfort and superior visual& tactile for your watercraft interior. 
Thanks to the flexibility of Si-TPV silicone vegan leather , it makes upholstering easily adaptable to fit curved and complex shapes.

Microfiber leather

Microfiber leather (or micro fiber leather or microfibre leather) is the abbreviation of microfiber PU (polyurethane) synthetic (faux) leather. Microfiber leather fabric is one type of synthetic leather, this material is microfiber non-woven fabric coated with a layer of high-performance PU (polyurethane) resins or acrylic resin.  Microfiber leather is high-class synthetic leather that perfectly replicates features of real leather such as the good hand feel, breathability, and moisture absorption, the performance of microfiber including chemical and abrasion resistance, anti-crease, and aging resistance is better than genuine leather.  The cons of microfiber leather are dust and hair can cling to it. In the process of production and processing, benzene reduction technology has certain pollution.

What are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly (2)
Sustainable and Innovative Material Solutions in the Fashion Industry
What are the existing and emerging alternatives leather natural leather perfectly (1)
PU Leather (3)

Silicone leather

Silicone leather is made of 100% silicone, with zero PVC, plasticizer-free, and Non- solvents, and is able to redefine high-performance fabrics through the best combination of leather textures and the superior advantages of silicone. while achieving ultra-low VOCs, eco-friendly, sustainable, weatherproof, flame, stain resistance, cleanability, and highly durable performance. it can withstand UV light for long periods without fading and cold cracks.

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Si-TPV leather

Si-TPV leather is developed on the basis of SILIKE TECH’s years of deep technology in the field of innovative materials. It uses a Non-solvent and plasticizer-free techniques production process to coat and bond 100% recycled dynamic vulcanizate thermoplastic Silicone-based elastomers materials onto various substrates, which makes VOC emission far less than the national mandatory standards. The unique long-lasting safety friendly soft hand touch feeling is incredibly silky on your skin. good weather resistance and durability, resistant to dust accumulated, stain resistant, and easy to clean, waterproof, resistant to abrasion, heat, cold, and UV, excellent bonding and colorability, giving colorful design freedom and retains the aesthetic surface of products, It has high environmentally-friendly value enhanced sustainability and help reduces energy costs and carbon footprints.

Silicone Vegan Leather
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