How to make apparel and accessories aesthetic green fashion?

How to make apparel and accessories aesthetic green fashion

Leather material innovations you need to know about!

Today, everyone is conscious of sustainability, organic apparel, and accessories not just the taste of the high-life class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability.   the new age consumers have understood the importance of protecting themselves from the impacts of chemicals, and the pursuit of green fashion. From this, many apparel and accessories brands have taken focused on exploring materials they believe are environmentally responsible, manufacturing eco-friendly clothing, and actively working to lower their emissions footprint,  the responsibility for keeping the earth green and working for sustainable fashion.

So far, leather alternatives have dominated the next-green material market largely due to the environmental impact of animal production. Some brands across the board have incorporated vegan leather as part of their brand strategies. this alternative leather offers high performance, animal-free, and is more sustainable. In addition, customers are responding more positively to the word ‘vegan' and ‘faux'.Compared to synthetic fibers, microfiber leather, PU synthetic leather, PVC artificial leather, and natural animal leather. Silicone leather and Si-TPV leather could be the key alternative materials to achieving fashion's more sustainable future. While, Si-TPV leather's new technologies allow for significant improvement in the aesthetics look, comfortable feel, and durability performance of apparel and accessories products.

How to make apparel and accessories aesthetic green fashion
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What are the main advantages of Si-TPV Leather finishing solutions for apparel and accessories?

Si-TPV leather options include textures, colors, and printing - especially if you want to use your OEM&ODM.

Excellent color fastness will ensure the leather will not bleed or fade from being in the water, sun, or extreme temperatures.

The unique long-lasting safety friendly soft hand touch feeling is incredibly silky on your skin. waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean, gives colorful design freedom, and retains the aesthetic surface of apparel, these products have excellent wearability, elasticity, and resilience.

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Si-TPV surface will not degrade after frequent wash and sun drying, therefore, it could always enhance the good quality of the apparel, an excellent water-resistant material, won’t cause a sticky hand feeling, does not contain any plasticizers, has NO DMF, non-toxic.

The Si-TPV Leather benefits fashion designers, R&D, and manufacturers to create a wide variety of uses and a great diversity of people and fashion trends products, such as apparel and accessories creators who make clothing, heat transfer decorations, logo strips, bags, suitcases, belts, etc...they use Si-TPV leatehr solutions to make and enhance the look, feel, water resistance and durability of their products.

Post time: May-06-2023