Suppliers of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Leather


How do be sustainable?

For brands to pursue sustainability,  they need to focus on the environmental impact of materials in the manufacturing process, as well as balance fashion, cost,  price, function, and design. Now all kinds of brands have put into use or even self-developed all kinds of environmental protection materials. Both physical and chemical recycling of reusable materials can greatly reduce the social and environmental impact of industrial design.

What the possible alternatives to leather are?

There are a myriad of suppliers focused on producing sustainable and eco-friendly leather or leather alternatives that are environmental. SILIKE is always on the path of innovation, we are devoted to providing DMF- and cruelty-free silicone vegan leather alternatives, that still look and feel like leather.

Using science and technology to build the future world of fashion materials, Si-TPV is a recyclable material, Vegan leather made from this material do not contain animal-derived materials and does not contain toxic chemicals, as we know PVC leather, which releases phthalates and other harmful chemicals that disrupt the human endocrine system during the manufacturing process.



Why Si-TPV or silicone vegan leather is sustainable?

Silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas Si-TPV is a sustainable biocompatible man-made synthetic polymer material derived from silicon and any thermoplastic elastomer, does not contain any plasticizers, non-toxic.


Si-TPV products long-lasting resist oxidative deterioration due to heat, cold temperature, chemicals, UV, etc. without cracking, or otherwise degrading, which consequently increases the product lifecycle and reduces the environmental impact.


Si-TPV makes the sustainable cycle go around, use of Si-TPV generates energy savings and reduces CO2 emission, promotes Earth-friendly ways of life.


The low surface tension of Si-TPV vegan leather provides resistance to stains and hydrolysis, saving on cleaning, and will greatly reduce the waste of water resources, which can be an issue with traditional leather or fabrics, making the sustainable cycle go around.





Up and Coming Sustainable Leather Material, Here's What You Should Know!
Si-TPV can be salivated, blown film. Si-TPV film and some polymer materials can be processed together to obtain complementary Si-TPV silicone vegan leather, Si-TPV laminated fabric, or Si-TPV clip mesh cloth.

This upholstery vegan leather and eco-friendly decorative fabrics are critical to forging a more sustainable future, and meet a range of demanding applications including bags, shoes, apparel, accessories, automotive, marine, upholstery, outdoor, and decorative use.

When made Si-TPV silicone vegan leather is into bags, hats, and other single products. the fashion product has the superior characteristics of unique silky and skin-friendly touch, good elasticity, stain resistance, easy to clean, waterproof, abrasion resistant, thermostable and cold resistant, and eco-friendly, compared with PVC, TPU, other leather, or laminated fabrics.

Obtain Si-TPV silicone vegan and create comfort and esthetic appeal product, then offer it to your customers.

Post time: May-31-2023